The Stunning Villa AA in construction

The design can be best described as modern in Mediterranean style. On the 90 cm raised ground floor and terrace Villa AA looks like a villa build on a platform. From the spacious terrace with lounge area and the integrated pool you have a view to the Adriatic sea and the Apulian scenery. The Villa is situated in the middle between Villa Solare and the ‘Roman’ Villa Pompeiana on a plot of approx. 1,050 sqm. A stairway on the edge of the plot gives access to the “hidden Gardens” of the Residenza Parco di Mileto.

The Architect Hanns Mommersteegh designed this Villa as a tribute to the designers of the ‘Bauhaus’ period. “It fits remarkable well in the whole Lavanda area he explains”.
Because the Villa is built on a platform, 90 cm above groundlevel the view is spectaculair. Not only the beautifull City of Ostuni in the hills but also the Adriatic sea can be seen from the terrace. Villa AA is spacious and provided with every luxury and comfort.

If you want to stay in a villa in Puglia, it will be hard to find anywhere more beautiful to live than in Lavanda. The view over the undulating ‘Hidden Gardens’ and the fascinating old olive trees is authentic. The plots are spacious. Thanks to the abundant nature, you can live in verdant privacy in Lavanda. Lavanda is a magnificent combination of luxury in a unique, natural environment.

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