This is a truly unique property project in Italy…

We are able to develop this truly unique residential project at this fantastic location in southern Italy thanks to the excellent relationship we have built up with the authorities and the community in the province of Brindisi and in the municipality of Fasano.

By making a commitment to sustainability and respect for the surroundings, we are consciously working on creating the most positive added value of this project for both the future residents and the residents of the adjoining community. This is the principle which we apply to every decision we make. The participation of the government and the local population in the project is superb.
For Parco di Mileto, we have invested in unconventional architecture and creative solutions that make comfort and quality achievable. Our team of architects, under the leadership of Hanns Mommersteegh, has been extremely successful in this.
Little wonder that we regularly receive compliments on this project.

Wim van Gelderen
CEO – Puglia Property Development B.V.

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